Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Within the ritual china bronze

Liu Xu Guang Wang was labeled, the reign of 64 years. These bronze sculpture unearthed, providing a full Yangzhou bronze sculpture in the Han Dynasty and the level of development. The history of China’s ancient bronze sculpture statue springs from a long history. Tang Dynasty, as thousands of miles of dug canal, navigable, at the junction of Canal and the Yangtze River in Yangzhou. Became the north-south traffic choke points, of course, became the main ports in China's foreign trade is one. Its economic prosperity, thriving businesses, historically there have been "pushed river between Guangling large town, wealthy," the record. Zhuo Tang Dynasty bronze Yangzhou, handicrafts flourished there at the time new development. On the one hand, wealthy nobles decorated pavilion building should be used to show off, but so, so-called "bronze Diaolan family" who is also.
On the other hand, small pieces of bronze statue in the civil supplies as accessories are becoming more open atmosphere, while Yangzhou bronze and bronze skills are starting to cut foreign exchange. In terms of the purposes, the classification of the bronze sculpture statue is divided into tools, ritual vessels, musical instruments, weapons, accessories on the chariots, etc. Tempo years (753 years), Daming Temple in Yangzhou east from high hate Jianzhen missionary in Japan, with a bronze on the make, artist, carved sandalwood and embroidery as many as 185, showing the Tang Dynasty Yangzhou cut bronze Sheng. Song, Yuan, Ming era, develop Yangzhou bronze has displays, birds and flowers, growing rich variety of furnace bottles, cut the hollow bronze, sculpture in the round technique also begins with the Song Dynasty. According to Xie Qing Kun account: he had the presence of state Kangshan Jiang's home, the Song Dynasty witnessed the production of exquisite chinese bronze tower Yangzhou.
His "Spring Cottage Set" works described: "Song exquisite bronze tower system, tower white bronze, absolutely indifferent meal lock defect. High seven inches. For seven, the system of six-sided, all things are top of the tower bar ... ... a chain of small claims, all the top hexagonal system, no disorder, exemplifies the gods had said yes. "From this we can see a vivid portrayal of the hollow bronze sculpture Yangzhou chain of production skills and techniques, there is great progress. Within the ritual china bronze, it can be further classified into food containers, wine vessels and water wares. Yuan, Yangzhou bronze furnishings in addition to supplies becoming increasingly of effort, when the artist has begun to apply the natural son of materials, production of "sub-mountain carving." Yangzhou Museum now has a mountain pass when the Yuan Dynasty son carved, is made of white bronze, performance classes such as "Bamboo Forest" theme of the story, the characters carved Conciseness mountains, there are complex simple.
Yangzhou mountains can be seen as the initial sub-carved works. Ming Dynasty. Yangzhou beautiful sculpture in bronze began to form elegant style. Yangzhou Museum preserved Ming Dynasty products "hex Lotus bronze pot," "Pan Chi White bronze cup," etc., elegant, fine cut work, see who are all commendable. According to the collation and study on this bronze sculpture statue, they emphasize on distinctive aspects in different periods of Shang or Zhou. To the late Ming Dynasty, Yangzhou bronze "Eagle Mountain child" variety has a new style, much sophisticated technology skills than before, to the subsequent production of large-scale bronze mountain in Yangzhou skill to do troublesome to prepare. Yangzhou bronze technology developed to cut the mid-Qing Dynasty, can be said that all products are available, the artistic level than ever before, especially Qianlong into heyday, Yangzhou became the main distribution center for bronze and bronze materials main production producers.

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